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The Increase is Coming

If you believe you shall receive, and we keep believing for more.

Goya Foods donated 30,000 pounds of food each to Orlando Dream Center and United Against Poverty, according to a press release. The remaining 25,000 pounds will be distributed among other local nonprofits.

Pallets of Beans, Juice, Black Beans and Rice and Beans

Media Getting Ready for our Founding Father and Operations Director

Yaneisy Maldonado Operations Director - Telemundo

Our Mission is Rebuilding Stories one Life at a Time by providing assistance to families into self-sufficiency, dignity and community workforce.

Journalism is not dead, it lives in with the Dream Center, Orlando, Fl. - Univision.

Goya Florida Leadership

Apopka Goya - Manager

Let's Walk and Talk

Our Pantry Before the Increase

Everyone will need massages after this one

Dream Team Workforce

No Time for Breaks Papa Joe is on the Floor

Halfway Done, Getting Ready for Round Two.

Si Es Goya... Tiene Que Ser Bueno - Thank you!

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