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Another One?

For those of you who do not know yet, this Friday May 29th we are doing another Grocery Distribution at 8503 Daetwyler Dr. Orlando FL 32827. Another One? That's probably the reaction of many, wondering why we do this events so often. The reality is that our organization has been ACTIVE working in the community for the past 7 years as a bridge of HOPE to those in need. However; the times we are living now are unprecedented and many more people have been affected. So, the answer to that question is YES! The Orlando Dream Center will continue to serve our community.

Please read carefully the following information in regards May 29th:

1- Arrive early, as we will be serving in a First Come First Served basis.

2- We are serving ONLY two (2) families per vehicle.

3- Make sure your trunk is empty (we will be placing groceries in the trunk).

4- Registration will be done at the event.

5- We ask you to please remain in your vehicle.

Please share this information with your family and friends so they also can be blessed on May 29th. Thank you!

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